6 Ways to Stop Your Pillow From Falling And Sliding Off The Bed

Ever wondered why your pillow keeps sliding off the bed? There are several reasons why this happens, we’ll be seeing them here. This little inconvenience can come to an end by making small changes ranging from changing your pillowcase to getting a gap filler to fill the gap between your mattress and bed.
Stop Your Pillow From Falling And Sliding Off The Bed

Waking up in the middle of the night due to discomfort while sleeping is an unpleasant experience. Most times, this discomfort is caused by your pillow sliding off the bed while sleeping. 

Reasons Why Your Pillow Falls Off The Bed.

Due To A Gap Between Your Mattress and Headboard

A headboard that is the same size as your bed frame gives support to the bed and protects your wall against scraping, but if the headboard is a different size from the bed frame and mattress, this will create a gap between them. Some headboards are created with a small gap between them and the mattress to help with applying and removing fitted sheets. This gap is a sweet spot for your pillow to fall into.

Tossing And Turning While Sleeping

Tossing and turning at night is caused by various reasons like having a poor sleep schedule ( going to bed too late or too early), going to bed too tired, and even being overstimulated. According to the National sleep foundation, the blue light that is emitted from phones, TVs, and other electronic devices can delay the sleep hormone melatonin, loud noises and bright light from inside or outside your bedroom can also stimulate your senses, making it difficult to sleep at night thus tossing. This can make your pillow slide off the bed. 

How To Stop Your Pillow From Sliding Off The Bed. 

Slide Your Mattress Closer To Your Headboard

If there is a gap between your headboard and mattress, slide your mattress close to the headboard to eliminate the space. Getting rid of the space eliminates the chance of your pillow sliding between the headboard and mattress.

Get A Gap Filler

In cases where both the mattress and bedframe are the same size with a bigger headboard, and the mattress cannot be shifted any closer to the board, you should get a gap filler to fill the gap. A gap filler can be in the form of:

Wood boards.

a wood board can be purchased at a hardware store. Simply measure the size of the gap and buy a wood board that will fit into the gap, you can make this beautiful by painting the wood board to match your bed.

Pillow Stops

This is a form of wood board that is cushioned for a more aesthetic touch. This is a great option if you are concerned about the look of your bed since the producers can create a stop to match the exact color of your headboard. 

Place Your Pillow Under Your Sheet

Placing your pillow under your sheet eliminates the chance of your pillow sliding off since the sheet will encase the pillow tightly. This does not cost anything, but it might be uncomfortable for some because you will be unable to rearrange your pillow to get it in a comfortable position to use.

Use Heavier Pillows

Aside from providing good support to the head, neck, and back, heavy pillows are less likely to slide off the bed due to their weight. This might be uncomfortable to stomach sleepers but works well for side sleepers. 

Use A Cotton-based Pillowcase

Your pillowcase might be a little slick for your bed, especially for silk pillow cases. So if you use a slick pillow case, switch to a cotton-based pillow case with a high thread count and less slippery fabric. This might not be the best option since silk pillowcases have their benefits, example being that they do not absorb your night skincare products giving them a chance to work better, but if you do not have particular use of the silk, you should consider switching. 

Surround Your Bed With Barriers

Placing a drawer or cupboard at the head of your bed can serve as a barrier to stop your pillows from sliding off the bed. 


How Can I Stop My Pillow From Sliding Up?

You can stop your pillow from sliding up by completely eliminating the space between your mattress and headboard so that the headboard serves as an obstacle to preventing the mattress from going up. 

How Do I Stop My Pillow From Falling Between My Bed And Wall?

You can stop this by using headboard pillows and pads to block the gap between your bed and wall. 

To Wrap Things Up 

Pillows sliding off your pillow is an inconvenience that is likely to affect your quality of sleep, but there are several ways to prevent this from happening. You can do this with no cost by placing your pillow underneath your sheet, or you can spend a small amount to purchase a pillow stop that matches your bedding set and enhances the aesthetics of your room.