How to Pick Pregnancy Pillow – Don’t Buy Before Reading This

Are you or your spouse pregnant? Well, whether it’s the first time or second, pregnancy always stays a sensitive matter. You have to make several changes in your lifestyle to keep things smooth. Ensuring proper rest is a must during the pregnancy, which is directly related to the pillow you sleep on. Therefore, today we will be discussing the characteristics of the pillow you should use during pregnancy.

Is a standard bed pillow suitable during pregnancy? “No,” regular bed pillows are only suitable in the first few weeks. Once the belly starts growing, pains associated with pregnancy start rising. Therefore, while choosing a pillow during pregnancy, you must consider the pains that come along with pregnancy and also the growth of the belly. U-shaped pillows, C-Shaped, Wedge, and J-Shaped, are some excellent options that you can consider. You have to look at other factors like fill type, covering material, loft, and size while making this decision.

Before jumping to the characteristics of a pregnancy pillow, it is essential to acknowledge how crucial it is to get a pillow that accompanies your pillow.

Does Pregnancy Pillow Really Worth It?

Most couples don’t realize the importance of purchasing a pillow that is specifically made to support your pregnancy. But, how do you differentiate pregnancy pillows from regular pillows? Regular pillows are not designed for the changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

First of all, when the belly starts growing, the weight automatically increases, and as a result, you face some challenges. These challenges include body, neck, and back pain, along with continuous discomfort. It is where conventional bed pillows become impractical. 

Therefore, to ensure that you are getting quality rest during pregnancy which is extremely important, go for pregnancy pillows. 

Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

Now, several types of pregnancy pillows are available on the market. This vast range of options usually confuses first-time pregnant couples and even second-timers in some cases. Considering this fact, we distinguished different types of pregnancy pillows so that you can choose the right one with surety:

U-Shaped Pillows

If you are a side sleeper and frequently change sides back and forth during sleep, then U-shaped pillows are the best option for you. These types of pillows are specifically designed to support you from head to toe or, in other words, to provide full body support.  

Additionally, U-shaped pillows are divided into two categories, one with contoured curves to make you feel lightweight and rest your belly. The second type of U-Shaped pillows is shaped like folded spaghetti to provide equal support. 

C-Shaped Pillows 

Although U-shaped pillows seem like the ultimate deal, they are pretty inconvenient to move because of the space they take. However, the good news is that you can buy C-shaped pillows. These pillows support the whole body, but there’s a catch. As the name states, C-shaped pillows are in C shape and only provide support to one side while sleeping. 

If you go for a C-shape pillow, you will have to change the position of the C-shape pillow every time you switch sides. It is the only drawback of owning a C-shaped pillow. Otherwise, it is as good as a U-shaped pregnancy pillow. Just like U-shaped pillows, this type of pillows also comes in two different designs. You can choose between contoured curved ones and the normal ones. 

The central selling point of C-shaped pillows is that they are almost available at half the price of U-shaped pregnancy pillows. It is an excellent and budget-friendly option for those who don’t change sides while sleeping.

J-Shaped Pillows  

The next option on our list is J-shaped pillows. To get rid of lower back pain, your legs must be spaced appropriately. It is why experts recommend you use J-shaped pillows. These pillows are lofty at the bottom, providing you a sweet spot to rest your legs and back. 

During pregnancy, you face different kinds of pains, which can be relieved by focusing on your posture. You can turn these pillows upside down to support your neck and shoulders. 


As mentioned earlier, you suffer from pain in different parts of your body during pregnancy. Wedges are the types of pillows you need if you are also going through this phase. One thing to note here is that wedges are not designed for sleep purposes. Instead, they are to comfort the aching parts of your body. 

For instance, if you have pain in your back, you can place these cheese-shaped pillows to rest. Similarly, if your shoulders are aching, place separate wedges along with your pillow to relieve pain and rest. 

Top Picks For Pregnancy Pillows

To simply more, I have also chosen some pillows to help you avoid confusion. Down below is the list of pillows I believe are perfect for pregnancy in their respective categories:

AngQi 55” Maternity Pillow- Best U-Shaped Pillow

If you have decided that you will not compromise on the quality of rest and comfort, then AngQi is the most suitable and economical option. The company specifically designed this pillow to target as many pain points as possible. The pillow’s design surrounds you well and gives you a sense of security during sleep. 

The pillow is made up of breathable material to maintain your body temperature properly. AngQi outnumbers its counterparts in terms of quality, practicality, and comfort.

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The CeeCee Pillow By PharMeDoc- Best C-Shaped Pillow

One of the very few pillows that offer all the features you can demand in a C-shaped pillow is the CeeCee Pillow by PharMeDoc. This pillow is hypoallergenic, ensuring that you maintain perfect health during your pregnancy. The pad offers a medium loft, ideal for women of different sizes and weights. Does this sound interesting?

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Momcozy Maternity Pillow- Best J-Shaped Pillow

If you are searching for a J-shaped pillow, then the Momcozy maternity pillow is your best bet. This pillow is made up of breathable materials, so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary heat. The best part is that this product has an extra covering that reduces the energy required to keep it clean. Additionally, the Momcozy maternity pillow is offered at a very affordable rate. So, stop looking any further if you want ultimate comfort at an unbeatable price. 

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What is the ideal level of firmness for pregnancy pillows?

No matter which pillow you were using previously, ensure that you use pillows with medium firmness during pregnancy. It ensures that the pillow doesn’t get flattened during the night and leads to an unpleasant sleep. 

Are wedges better than C-shaped or U-shaped pillows?

Yes, but only when you have space issues and want to target specific pain points. Besides, the head-to-toe support provided by U-shaped or C-shaped pillows is unmatchable. 

Pregnancy Pillows In A Nutshell

Sleepless nights and continuously changing sleeping styles are included in the pregnancy package. Therefore, to maintain the comfort level and quality rest which is the utmost demand of pregnancy, you have to think about buying pregnancy pillows. Now pregnancy pillows are of different types. U-shaped, C-shaped, and J-shaped are some of the most popular pregnancy pillow options. 

After deciding the type, you should consider factors like medium firmness, size, and loftiness according to your preference.