How To Pick Pillow For Back Sleepers – Guide Based On Facts

Did you know, according to research, that only 10% of the world's population are back sleepers? Considering that, finding the right pillow becomes a daunting task for back sleepers. Well, today is your lucky day because sleep cycles have sorted all the factors for your convenience. Be sure to stay tuned to find the right pillow for your needs. Let's get on with what a standard pillow for back sleepers should be like without further ado.

Firstly, what does the ideal pillow for back sleepers look like? A perfect pillow for back sleepers should not cradle your head while making sure your neck is in a comfortable position. As well as this, a pillow for back sleepers should have a healthy posture.

Back sleepers like you need to maintain the C-curve in your neck whilst sleeping on your back. You must ensure that the pillow suits your unique style and consider factors like loft, firmness, and pressure of the pillow. Furthermore, the best type of pillow for a back sleeper should provide you with spine alignment and hold your head and neck in place without allowing them to sink into the mattress.  

Points to Consider While Choosing a Pillow for Back Sleepers

Requirements for a back sleeper will be different for stomach and side sleepers. As well as this, many back sleepers’ perfect pillow may be another person’s atrocious neck pain pillow. 

Research shows that uncomfortable pillows can drastically affect the quality of your sleep by causing neck, back, and head pain. Another study shows that the wrong pillow can change the alignment of your spine. Therefore, be very careful while choosing the right pillow for yourself.

After going through several case studies, I came up with the following pointers which will surely benefit you while looking for a pillow suiting your unique style of sleeping:

Pillow Fillings

Pillow filling defines the style of the pillow. You can pick your pillow fillings depending on your preferences as a back sleeper. If you usually sweat during your sleep, you are in dire need of a breathable pillow. This will allow you to stay cool throughout the night. 

If you have allergies as a back sleeper, then you should use a silky and soft pillow, which will save you from rashes and other skin conditions, allowing you to have a fantastic sleep and fresh morning.

Yield To Pressure

Pillows are designed to keep your head up and feel like a pleasant position for your head, allowing your neck to be held in a neutral alignment with your back and head. Moreover, pillows with a tufted top (to keep the filling in place, not allowing it to separate) will allow you to comfortably rest your temples on them, as many back sleepers like you sleep with their head tilted.

Furthermore, back sleepers need to have a medium conforming to pressure. It will keep your head aligned with your spine. To ensure this is the case, don’t go for a soft pillow so that it won’t get flat due to the pressure exerted by your head on it.

Customizable Support

Customizable support is where the designers make pillows to help the sleeper with their desires. For instance, some pillows feature a removable middle insert, which allows you to test out the loft and firmness and adjust it to your needs. Many pillows will enable you to experiment with the fillings, so you can take them out and see how much filling you want inside your pillow using a zip. It will adjust to your unique style of sleeping.

In addition, many back sleepers don’t realize how important this is, as, depending on the person’s weight, you should have a certain amount of firmness. For example, if a person is heavy, then they should pick a medium firmness, and if you are light-weighted, then you can go for soft firmness, but remember that it mainly depends on your interest and how you feel comfortable.


The loft is the height of the pillow. So, as a back sleeper, the loft should be medium-sized (medium height). This is because a medium loft will help back sleepers relieve neck and shoulder pressure, as the pillow will provide a nice comforting position between the mattress and your head. If the pillow is too hard, then your head will be stretched upwards, making your neck hurt. If the pillow is soft, then you will end up sinking into the mattress.

The Top Three Back Sleeping Pillows

As we are all aware, we spend a lot of time and money picking our mattress to sleep on, but do we spend a lot of time and money picking our pillow? Well, as an expert, I believe that the pillow matters as much as the mattresses. So, let’s go through the top 3 best pillows for back sleepers:

  1. Sealy DuoChill Cooling Memory Foam Pillow–Best Overall
    Sealy DuoChill Memory Foam Pillow is good for back sleepers due to its medium firmness. Not only that, it helps with neck and shoulder pains. Moreover, the graphite-infused core helps to dissipate body heat, resulting in a comfortable sweat-free night. The fact that organic cotton is used in the manufacturing of the pillow makes it ideal for people with skin allergies as well.
    If you are someone who never compromises on sleep quality, this pillow is an excellent option for you.
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  2. Ontel Miracle Shredded Memory Foam Pillow-Best For Sensitive Skins
    The Ontel Miracle Pillow is the perfect choice for back sleepers who prefer to rest on a plush surface (soft and mid-range loft). This pillow is also suitable for back sleepers who want to avoid heat-trapping as it is breathable as the cover is made of viscose derived from bamboo. The best part is that it comprises carefully selected materials to accommodate people with sensitive skins.
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  1. TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow- Best For Neck Pains
    The Tempur-Ergo Neck Pillow is for back sleepers who suffer from pain in their neck due to their sleeping position. The combination of wool and latex dissipates the heat quite quickly to ensure you don’t feel hot while sleeping. This pillow is also for those who would like to adjust their loft according to their requirements.
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How do you use a pillow for back pain?

You should lie down on your back, then place a pillow underneath your knees and keep your spine neutral. The pillow will help you as it will keep a curve in your back, and eventually, your back pain will disappear.

How do you use a back sleeper pillow?

Place the pillow height lower than the side sleepers. Place a pillow under your knees, so you don’t strain your back. The pillows will help you ease joint pain and keep your spine in alignment.

Should back sleepers use a pillow?

You should use a pillow as it will help to keep your spine aligned and avoid any neck, shoulder, or knee joint pain.

Choosing Pillow For A Back Sleeper Concluded

To conclude, the best way to pick a pillow for back sleepers is to check for the height of the loft and the pillow filling. These pillow characteristics play the most important role in providing a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Furthermore, you should remember that everyone has their unique comfort level and style, so make sure to pick your pillow according to your sleeping style and preferences.