Are You Using Your Duvet Cover The Right Way?

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes, after placing your duvet cover, it is comfortable and perfect. But other times, the duvet might roll up inside the cover, or you might struggle to get it to be as comfortable. You might be making mistakes with the correct placement of the duvet cover, the tag, or even the buttons. 
Are You Using Your Duvet Cover The Right Way

Which way does the duvet cover go? Should the duvet opening be at the top or bottom? Before you continue, we are going to teach you one trick that might solve your problem: check the label or user guide to see if it is stated there. If it is not, we will teach you the correct way to get it done.

Where do the Buttons on the Duvet Cover go? 

As stated earlier, you should check the user guide to figure all this out, if you do not find the answer, The buttons should be at the bottom of the bed because you would not want a hard button or zipper, up and near your face when you’re sleeping;. they should also be at the end so they can’t be seen after laying your bed. If at the top, they might make the bed look disorganized. 

Do Duvet Openings go at the Top or Bottom?

There are different opinions about the direction of the opening of the duvet cover, so you should see what suits you best and go for it. 

  • The opening should be at the bottom since it might bug your face if it is at the top. Sometimes, dust mites or insects might come out of the duvet and it will go straight to your face which can be bad if you have allergies.  
  • The opening should be at the top so it does not show when you walk into the room, visible openings may make the bed look scattered. If you are concerned about the opening being uncomfortable at the top, then you should just fold it so the opening does not bug your face when you are sleeping.

Where Does the Tag Go on the Duvet? 

  Every duvet comes with a tag on the corner. The corner with the tag always goes on the bottom left of the bed or the bottom right of the bed depending on the country you reside (in Switzerland, the tag is usually at the bottom right). Most duvets have their tags on the bottom left corner, and this usually matches with the beds, which typically have their tags at the bottom left corner too. Sometimes, if you do not orient the tag correctly, the duvet might roll up inside the cover making it uncomfortable. 

Which Way do the Lines on a Duvet Cover go?

  For duvets with simple, large, and fewer lines, the lines should go from left to right since they usually look better this way. But for those with a tiny, large number of lines, the lines should go from top to bottom. 

How Can You Place the Duvet in the Duvet Cover Easily ?

 Most comforters come with a handy loop on all sides and duvet covers with small ropes on its sides, so that you can easily place the comforter in the duvet cover.

  • Turn the duvet cover inside out, there  are small ropes in the top two corners of the duvet cover.
  • Insert the ropes through the loop of the comforter, tie securely in a bow.
  • Once the corners are tied, simply slip your hand into the duvet cover, and grab the corner of the comforter, pull it down over the comforter, then pull the rest of the duvet cover down over the comforter. 
  • Go ahead and tie the last two corners with the ties, tuck the rest of the comforter into the duvet cover and fasten the buttons. If your duvet cover does not have a tie or loop, you can use comforter clips in place of the duvet ropes and comforter loops. Click on the link below to see how to put on your duvet cover. 


  • Should buttons be at the top or bottom of the duvet? Most people prefer the buttons at the bottom so it does not disturb their face when sleeping.
  • Can you use a duvet cover by itself? During summer, a heavy comforter might be too much to use, so a duvet cover can be used by itself as a form of light cover or even a bedspread.

Finally Regarding Duvet Covers

Even though we don’t take duvet covers as an important part of our bedding set, mistakes in their placement will affect our sleep comfort level significantly. Follow the instructions given on the tag, place the buttons in a suitable position and enjoy the comfort of your bed.