The Complete  Guide to the Pillow Wash Routine for a Comfortable Bed

It is recommended to sleep eight hours daily, and this makes up a third of your life. This also implies that you place your head on your pillow for around a third of your lifetime, and daily use of your pillow is sure to lead to the accumulation of dirt on it
The Complete Guide to Pillow Wash Routine for a Comfortable Bed

How can you wash your pillow to have a comfortable bed?  You can wash your pillow by vacuuming or using a washing machine, read on to find out how to properly vacuum or wash your pillow to make it very neat and comfortable. 

Reasons Why a Pillow Wash is Important and How it Helps to Prevent Allergies. 

A pillow, like any other item on your bedding set, can naturally hold dust or dead skin cells over an extended period of time even if you are not sleeping on it. Pillows made of many synthetic materials accumulate specks of dirt quickly. 

You should strive to make your sleep environment and bedding items clean because this way, your pillow is less likely to get dirty. A clean sleep environment will not stop your pillow from getting dirty completely since your pillow can also accumulate dirt from your face and hair, but it will reduce the frequency at which you have to wash your pillow. 

It is recommended to wash your pillow 2-3 times a year depending on the type of the pillow. Synthetic pillows tend to accumulate dirt faster than others. 

Here Are Good Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Pillows 

Pillows Accumulate Oils And Dirt

Daily use of the pillow makes it absorb dirt from your hair and face. The hair holds more dirt than any part of the body, and Daily use of your pillow makes it absorb these oils and other dirt from your hair and face, leading to the accumulation of oils and dead skin cells on the pillow, which can lead to allergies like rashes or eczema if your pillow is not washed or changed to get rid of them. Even when you change your pillowcase regularly, if your pillow is dirty, the dirt can penetrate the neat pillowcase making it dirty and leading to allergies and skin problems like acne and pimples. 

For comfort

Don’t you just love to come and sleep on a clean comfortable bed after a long and stressful day? Washing your pillow is sure to help you achieve a very comfortable and restful sleep which is essential to stay healthy. 

How To Wash Your Pillow To Achieve The Most Comfortable Sleep. 

Gently Vacuum Your Pillow In between Washing To Remove Any Loose Particles And Dust Mites. 

A good technique to clean pillows in between washing is to vacuum your pillow to remove any loose particles and dust mites from the fabric. To vacuum your pillow, you should;

  • place it in a garbage bag. 
  • Hold the hose of a canister (or convertible) vacuum cleaner up to the pillow. 
  • Use your hand to securely grab the neck of the bag around the suction wand. 
  • Turn the vacuum on. It will suck the air out of the bag, and the pillow. 
  • As it does, it will also suck dust out of the pillow. Do this for around 10 seconds and you’ve successfully made your pillow neater. 

Machine Wash your Pillow. 

Can a pillow be washed in a washing machine? 

It varies with different pillows, before you machine wash your pillow, you should confirm from the label if it is machine washable

Although most pillows can be washed using a washing machine, a gentle wash within a short cycle is advised, make use of a gentle detergent because a harsh detergent can affect the quality of your pillow.

Wondering if a washing machine can damage your pillow? 

Yes, it could damage your pillow. Your pillow could be damaged by the agitator of your machine ( the central part of your washing machine), to avoid the risk of damaging your pillow, you should insert the pillow into the machine vertically and let the spinning cycle last for at least 30 mins to make sure that your pillow is thoroughly cleaned. 

Spot Clean Your Pillow With Home Solutions to Remove Stains

Spot cleaning your pillow should be done with caution especially when you’re using bleach. Try as much as possible not to go beyond the stained spot to avoid damaging your pillow. 

The safest way to spot clean your pillow at home is to spot clean using a mixture of baking soda and water.

  • Dip a clean cloth in a mixture of baking soda and water
  • Wipe the stained surface of the pillow with a clean cloth. 
  • If you do not have baking soda, you can use a stain-removing spray. 
  • Spray the stained site and brush gently to get the stain off. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

When Should I Wash My Pillow?

Health professionals advise washing the pillow once a year and replacing the pillowcase at least once every two weeks. If you live in a warm, humid region, even more frequently.

How Many Pillows Should be in a Washing Machine?

It is possible to wash two pillows at a time depending on the size of your machine and the size of the pillow. Although washing more than two at a time is not advisable. 

How Do Hotels Clean Pillows? 

Hotel pillows are washed regularly, a survey showed that most hotels wash their pillows quarterly, and some wash monthly or semi-annually. But they change their pillow cases daily between guests. 


A clean pillow is essential if having a good night’s sleep is a priority to you, aside from helping you achieve a comfortable and restful sleep, you are less likely to develop allergies or have an allergic reaction if your pillow is neat. Washing your pillow 2 times a year is enough to keep it neat, but you should make sure to change your pillowcase at least once in two weeks. We’ve discussed several ways you can keep your pillow clean and how to wash efficiently, apply these methods and you’re sure to have a comfortable bed.