Best Pillow for a Side Sleepers with Neck Pain

More than half of the adults worldwide enjoy sleeping on their side. Aside from providing a cozy sleep, side-sleeping is also relatively healthy and reduces back pain. However, to get the most out of side-sleeping, you need to align your neck, spine, and head perfectly; otherwise, your sleep will backfire, and you’ll end up with neck pain. Fortunately, achieving the perfect balance isn’t hard; you just need to get the right pillow for yourself!
Best Pillow for a Side Sleepers with Neck Pain

A good pillow for side sleepers with neck pain should induce the proper spine alignment and should neither be too soft nor too hard. Additionally, it should also offer firm and balanced support to the shoulders to avoid the soreness feeling.  

Best Side Sleeping Pillows For Neck Pain

Do you get confused when it comes to choosing the right pillow? Don’t worry! We have done all the homework for you. Down below is the list of best pillows for side sleepers with neck pain:

Organic Cotton Side Sleeper

This side-sleeping pillow from Eli & Elm comes in a unique “U-shape” and contains polyester fiber and noodled latex. Needless to say, it provides ideal support for the neck by creating a near-perfect spine alignment. According to a recent study, most side sleepers tend to use pillows of a medium or high loft. While the organic cotton side sleeper targets that very demographic, you can still tinker with the height of the pillow by adding or removing the pillow’s filling. 

The pillow provides sufficient cushioning for individuals without sinking too low, which is perfect for individuals with neck pain. 

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Layla Kapok Pillow

Layla Kapok pillow is a great fit for side sleepers. It provides a good sleep with a soft and comfortable experience. The pillow has a high-loft design that encourages a good spinal posture and alignment during sleep. It is also made up of memory foam, which serves as a perfect cushion for the neck and head. 

Not only that, but Layla Kapok Pillows come with a copper infusion, which reduces heat retention and is thus a great pillow to have around if you’re a hot sleeper. 

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Bed Pillow | HIMOON

HIMOON bed pillows are medium-loft pillows with a microfiber fill. These machine-washable pillows come in a set of two and are neither too hard nor too soft, thereby providing just the right amount of cushioning for the head. 

These pillows have a smooth fiber covering and fill, which has a nice and fluffy feel on the touch. Along with the fluffiness, the bowed shape of the pillow creates a perfect harmony of plumpness and springiness for your neck and head. These pillows are quite popular amongst the side sleeping community and come in king and queen sizes aside from the standard and help to align your spine to avoid neck pain. 

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What Pillow Type is Best for Side Sleepers with Neck Pain?

While waterbeds went out of style a long time ago, water pillows are still quite popular. This is because they still provide the best neck support to combat neck pain and issues. They have the perfect firmness and are applicable for many sleeping positions, like the side pose.

Is Memory Foam Suitable For Side Sleepers With Neck Pain? 

Yes, memory foam is suitable for side sleepers with neck pain. However, you should choose pillows with shredded foam pieces as their counterparts are known for trapping heat. 

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers In A Nutshell

Good sleep is key to productivity. Not only that, but having a nice fulfilled sleep keeps the body rejuvenated and away from many diseases. Having a good pillow is the key to achieving a good sleep and healthy life. Choosing the right pillow doesn’t just help deal with neck pain but also helps to avoid it completely!