How to Break in Your Bed (Make Firm Mattress Softer)

When you buy a new mattress, you expect it to be comfortable and soothing, but some mattresses can be hard when you get them for the first time. Getting used to a hard, new mattress is normally expected to take between 30 and 90 days.

So how do you make your new mattress softer? 

It can be as easy as resisting the urge to use it within the first 24 hours of delivery after it may have undergone compression during transportation, to lying on it often to release tensions. In other words, there is no one way to soften your mattress, you have to consider some of the factors highlighted below before attempting to soften your mattress;

  1. Type of mattress: A latex mattress has a breaking-in time of about 2 to 14 days, a spring mattress can take up to 30 days and memory foam can take over 60 days.
  2. Temperature: Temperature-sensitive mattresses like memory foam soften in a warm environment and hardens in cooler ones.
  3. Humidity: Mattresses can absorb moisture and soften but will regain firmness when dried out. 

How To Make Your Firm Mattress Softer

There are 5 ways you can use to make your mattress softer, they include;

Break It In

 Although uncomfortable, one of the best ways to make your mattress softer is to lie on it. This help release tensions while also serving as a medium to get your body used to your mattress. Some mattresses even come with sleeping trials which gives you time to break into your mattress and if it remains firm, you can get it replaced with another.

Change Your Bed Frame

A bed frame with solid slats can create the illusion of a firm mattress even if it is not, changing your bed frame slats with solid slats to one with spring slats can amplify the softness of your mattress as well as amplify your comfort

Turn Up The Heat

Mattresses like memory mattresses are sensitive to heat. Increasing the temperature of your room will facilitate softening of heat-sensitive mattresses. If you’re not a fan of warm environments, you can always turn up the heat when you leave your home and turn it down to cool when you return before sleeping.

Invest In Soft Mattress Toppers

This is a faster option. A mattress topper can be a massive game-changer in terms of softening your mattress. A soft mattress topper will immediately reduce the firm feeling you perceive making the breaking-in process comfortable.

Flip Your Mattress

Due to compression, a side of your mattress may have stiffened from the pressure, flipping it to the order side will give a softer touch to your mattress. Check your mattress guide to know how often you may need to flip your mattress to the other side.

How To Make Your Soft Mattress Firm. 

An extra soft mattress can be a pain sometimes, it can be caused by constant pressure or sometimes temperature. If you ever want to increase the firmness of your mattress, here are 5 ways to do so:

Turn Down The Heat

Mattresses that are sensitive to heat like memory mattresses soften with an increase in temperature but will also become firm with decreasing temperature. Turn down your thermostat to increase the firmness of your mattress.

Invest In Firm Mattress Toppers

You can increase the feeling of firmness of your mattress simply by placing a firm mattress topper on top of your mattress. As stated earlier, mattress toppers are a quick fix to creating that perfect texture for your mattress.

Use A Bed Frame With Solid Slats

A bed frame with solid slats minimizes compression as opposed to bed frames with spring slats. You can complement the effects of solid slats by adding plywoods over them before placing on your mattress.

Air Out Your Mattress

 If you live in a humid environment, moisture may dampen your mattress making it softer. Airing out your mattress will dry out the moisture which will help maintain the firmness of your mattress

Flip Your Mattress

Flip your mattress as often as stated in your mattress’ guide. This will ensure uniformity in the firmness of your mattress and prevent uneven deformations of your mattress.

How Long Does It Take To Adjust To A New Mattress

Getting used to a new mattress is normally expected to take between 30 and 90 days. However, factors like the type of mattress, humidity, and even season can affect how long it will take you to get used to your mattress. Mattresses that come with a sleep trial give you enough time to get used to your mattress and when you can’t find comfort, you can substitute it for another after the time trial. This means that you shouldn’t be too bothered about adjustment after a day or two.

10 Tips For Breaking In A New Bed

  1. Sleep on your mattress frequently
  2. Turn up the heat
  3. Use a mattress topper
  4. Use bed frames with spring slats
  5. Flip mattresses frequently
  6. Massage the mattress
  7. Use after 24 hours of delivery
  8. Sleep consistently on the mattress
  9. Put pressure on the mattress
  10. Change your sleeping position

Can A New Mattress Cause Back Pain

There is temporary back pain associated with a new mattress but it usually disappears after you break in your mattress and it conforms to support your body structure.


Can You Soften A Hard Mattress?

Yes. You can do so by Sleeping on your mattress frequently, turning up the heat in your room, flipping your mattress frequently

Will Mattress Soften Over Time 

Yes. As you continue to exert pressure on it by sleeping on it, it will continue to soften.

How Long Does It Take For Your Back To Adjust To A New Mattress

The average time to adjust to a new mattress is around 30 to 90 days.


Mattresses are designed for comfort. However, it may take time for your mattress to adjust in order to conform to your body’s needs and provide the much-needed comfort, and by following the tips and steps above, you’re sure to break in your mattress faster and easier.